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SylWrap HD Pipe Repair Bandage Repair Calculator 

The below calculator can be used to determine the optimum SylWrap HD application for your pipe repair.

Enter the diameter of the pipe to be repaired, the length of the damage area and the pressure resistance required.

The safety factor is a multiple to include a margin of safety. For example, if pipe pressure is 10 and you want a safety factor of two, then the calculator will formulate a repair capable of withstanding 20bar.

Once you have entered your data, the calculator will show the size of SylWrap HD, the quantity of bandages required, and the number of layers which should be wrapped.


Calculations serve as a guide for pipe reinforcement only. If you are unsure, then overwrap with more than the recommended number of SylWrap Bandages to increase the safety factor of the repair.

If you require further technical assistance, then please contact Sylmasta via email or phone +44 (0)1444 831459 and a technician will be happy to advise.

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